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About T2S

Austin's Background

 An Indianapolis native, Austin uses his background as a coach and athlete to engage his community and encourage people of all ages and backgrounds turn unhealthy habits into healthy lifestyles. Austin uses his personal experience with injury and poor decision making to partner, encourage, and push his clients towards a healthy lifestyle while achieving all individual goals. 

 Austin is currently a certified MAT® Specialist and is currently working on his RTS® Mastery Level Certification.

About MAT®

Created by Greg Roskoph, MAT is a revolutionary approach to the assessment and correction of muscular imbalances and joint instability that lead to pain, dysfunction, and limited mobility  Without us realizing it, the stresses of everyday life, the overuse of certain muscles, and muscular trauma- even small ones like a sprained ankle - result in a less effective muscular system. This causes sore, tight muscles and aching joints that are only minimally relieved by sitting or lying down.    MAT™ practitioners assess the body for areas of limited movement. The concept behind this system is that these limited areas may have reduced muscular strength.  This can be compared to an individual walking on ice. Instinctively, when we walk on an icy surface, we take smaller and more careful steps to avoid falling and injuring ourselves. The muscles, as a protective mechanism, do the same thing to prevent joints from further damage. MAT™ practitioners treat the areas of limited movement to restore muscular contraction and potentially increase movement. The goal of an MAT™practitioner is to identify and correct muscular imbalances to bridge the gap between fitness and rehabilitation; progressing people back to a healthy condition or the health they want to be at in order to achieve their fitness goals.  

About RTS®

 A system of progressive and strategic exercise, developed by Tom Purvis, that is designed to increase muscular strength, decrease joint wear, and ensure individualized exercise challenges. The client is progressed through their current level of ability, control, and tolerance. Each client is provided with intentional, specific instruction and cuing to complete exercises that appropriately challenge their currently weak or goal areas. We put the “personal” in personal training! 

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